Monday, March 7, 2011

My Personal Flag

I'm working on a new show called My Personal Flag.  I am very very excited about this project.
So far more than 50 people are making their own personal flags.
The show will open at Fancy Pony Land on March 18th and be up until we leave in May.  
We'll have an opening reception the evening of March 19th.

It's been really interesting talking with the different artists involved about their takes on flags.  Flags as political tools, emblems of nationalism, symbols of identity much like tattoos, communication devices like ship signal flags, advertising.  Others have talked about the technical issues of visibility and boldness.
I have been thinking about flag-waving in terms of enthusiasm.  I see flags as a big "hello!" or "I'm here!".  I'm thinking about planting flags on the tops of mountains, newly explored territories, the moon.  You can look at it as imperialistic or as a big old shout to the universe.  Sort of a shout against death, of course.  
I see flags as an essentially positive and life-affirming symbol.  Also kind of sad and cute; what a tiny thing to wave in the face of nothingness.
The flags I am making are cheerful and a little silly.  I am making two Fancy Pony Land flags that will become signs for my store and a series of word flags.  I can't WAIT to see what everybody else makes.

Here are the people who have pledged flags:

Alexandra Annello
Alyce Santoro
Amanda Barr
Andrea Loest
Anne Senstad
Ann Marie Nafzinger
Anthony DeSimone
Beth Murray
Buck Johnston
Camella Clements 
Camp Bosworth
Caroline Rankin
Cat Downs
Dave Leedy
Elizabeth Fisher
Elizabeth Worcester
Elliot Coon
Faith Gay
Gina Coffman
Hilary Dupont
JD DiFabbio
Jonathan Mergele
Karen Longshore
Kathy Schott
Kevin Taylor
Leslie Wilkes
Louise Riley
Maryam Amiryani
Matt Vis
Megan Whitmarsh
Meghan Gerety
Michael Bianco
Molly Maguire
Nancy Downs
Nate Manny
Natalie Nicholls
Nick Mamood
Nick Terry
Nicki Ittner
Ricki Hill
Sarah Fontaine
Seth Damm
Shawn Hall
Siobhan Feehan
Susannah Lipsey
Tom Brierly
Tom Leedy
Tony Campbell
Valerie Arber
Will Hemmings

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