Friday, June 24, 2011

Flag Show on etsy

I have been meaning to post all the pictures of the flag show since MARCH.  I really will do it too.
In the meantime here's a piece Karen Bernstein did about My Personal Flag for etsy.
Fancy Pony Land Presents "My Personal Flag"
I just looked at it again and read all the comments and was totally blown away by the response.
People really liked this show, and so did I.

This flag is by Caroline Rankin, but sold immediately.  Sorry.
You can see more of her awesome work at
and at her etsy shop imaginary showroom

Friday, June 17, 2011

There's a feature on Fancy Pony Land in today!

When in Rome (and Everywhere Else): Vogue’s 20 Favorite Shops in 20 Cities

This is pretty much the realization of a life goal for me.  I have always dreamed of being in Vogue!  Digital is not quite the same as glossy print, but very exciting for me all the same.  It's VOGUE dammit!
I love that Fancy Pony Land and Marfa are featured right up there with London, Buenos Aires, Milan, Tokyo etc.