Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Biggest Project To Date:

Hazard Hutton

born May 29th 2012, 6lbs. 7oz.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Jewelry

We will have a show of new jewelry at Fancy Pony Land in Marfa beginning March 2nd and running through April 1st.  When I started thinking about what I wanted to show, the organizing principles were "big and interesting".  I'm very excited to host these jewelry artists.

 Miles Glyn is a friend and artist in London who has recently turned his hand to jewelry.  He's making these amazing cast resin necklaces from his original sculptures that are seriously badass.  The chains are steel plated with silver or gold.  Some involve dripping glass blood beads and swarovski crystal eyes.

Alexis Babcock is a recent discovery for me.  My friends Seth (see below) & Gina gave me a fantastic enameled copper snake necklace for Christmas and now I am obsessed.  The level of detail and the drawing skill in her work are prodigious.  She's sent me a range of big wild animal pieces and a few other specials like cassette tapes and skulls.

f. is for frank
I met Shoshannah Frank, the artist behind the line f. is for frank, last spring in Dallas at a pop-up shop at the excellent Oil & Cotton workshop space.  I bought a pair of gorgeous gold plated twig earrings and have gotten so many compliments since then that I had to bring them into the shop.  Their work is cast pewter, wonderful natural forms and animals (see a theme developing?), some of it gold plated.

I may be biased, because Seth Damm is one of my best friends, but this man is a genius.  Most of his work involves painting, installation and performance, but I always like to have him involved in anything I do so when I decided to do a jewelry show I thought "why not?" and asked him if he had any ideas.  Of course he did.  Seth is making rope necklaces stenciled with spray-painted quotes from Howard Zinn.  The stenciling happens with the ropes all bunched and coiled up, then his words are fragmented into wearable form.  More pictures to follow...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Haute & Handmade runway show at the Ogden Museum, NOLA

December 9th 2011

I travelled to New Orleans by train in early December to participate in this great show at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, curated by my good friend and frequent collaborator Andrea Loest.
It was a total success.  The other designers were so cool, there was a great supportive crowd, everything went super smooth, my models and hair and makeup team were top notch, the Ogden is a beautiful space, and it was great to see Natalie Chanin from Alabama Chanin again.  It was so much fun to be part of a show that someone else conceived and organized!

These photos were taken by the very talented Zack Smith  
Thank you to the Paris Parker team for hair & makeup, especially to Selma Alamin for the hairdos.
Jewelry is by the fabulous Gogo Borgerding
Models are Amanda Martin in the circus stripe rattlesnake dress
Sarah Borealis in the Mexican wedding dress
Robyn Davies in the modern dress